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Your Level 2 Paper should follow a basic 5-paragraph format: Introduction Body Paragraphs (x3) Conclusion Introduction: A SOAPSTone summary of your chosen article A thesis statement (main claim) that answers the question: How (through using what rhetorical strategies) does the author achieve their purpose? Possible Thesis Statements The author achieves her purpose, which is to _____, by using the strategies of ___, ___, and ____. Using ___, ___, and ___, [the author] effectively [argues, suggests, shows] _____. [The author] fails to [convince, persuade, entertain] because of weaknesses in three rhetorical elements: ____, ____, and ____. The author achieves part of his argument through ____ and ____, but his point is weakest when he ____. Body Paragraphs: All three should aim to follow this format: Claim (Topic Sentence) Evidence + Set-up Analysis Evidence + Set-up Analysis Evidence + Set-up Concluding sentence Each body paragraph should analyze a particular rhetorical strategy or element of the author’s argument: Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Kairos, tone, word choice (diction), comparison, clear descriptions, etc. (See a full list here.) Give each body paragraph a topic sentence (your claim) that organizes the rest of the paragraph. Focus on one rhetorical strategy/appeal per paragraph. For example, your first paragraph might address the author’s ethos and gather evidence from throughout that essay. Paraphrase and quote from the original text, making sure to use in-text citation (your evidence) In your sentences of analysis, explain how your evidence is an effective, interesting, significant, or manipulative instance of your chosen rhetorical strategy; in other words, explain how your evidence proves your claim. This is hugely important–that’s why it’s called Rhetorical Analysis! Organize your paragraphs any way you would like. Perhaps you talk about ethos in one paragraph and pathos in the next. Or, alternatively, perhaps you want to focus on one particular moment in the essay and discuss how it uses multiple strategies at once. Conclusion: Do more than simply summarize what you have already said. You might, for example, end with a reflection on topic of your own and provide your own insight. (This is where you can agree/disagree with the author, if you want!)

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