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Complete the chart (link attached below) for the 13 informal fallacies described in Chapter 2 of your textbook. 

The first column lists specific fallacies.
In the second column, give an example you find on the internet (not a definition) of the fallacy. It can be a quotation, image, or a description of a specific example (again, not the definition of the fallacy). Include the URL (web link where you found your example).
In the third column, explain how your example demonstrates the fallacy. Be specific.
PHI 300 Worksheet: Informal Fallacies

Informal Fallacy


A quotation, an image, or a description (not the definition of the fallacy). Include the URL (web link) of the page where you found the example.


How does your example demonstrate this fallacy?

1. Equivocation

1. Appeal to Force

1. Abusive

1. Circumstantial

1. Appeal to inappropriate authority

1. Popular appeal

1. Hasty generalization

1. Accident

1. Ignorance

1. Begging the question

1. Irrelevant conclusion

1. Naturalistic

1. Appeal to tradition

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