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Case Selection/Outline
For your major project in this course, you will be writing a 15 to 20 page paper on one of the last three cases in the Brown and Barlow (2017) casebook.  Choose Case 18, Case 19, or Case 20. This week, submit your plan in outline form for the case you will cover in your major paper, which is due in Week 7. Additionally, submit a reference section of at least four articles that you plan to use in your research paper (in APA format).  These references should be all from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. If a textbook is needed as a reference, it can be listed, but it is not counted toward one of the four articles.
You may want to use this template to ease your creation of this outline:

Case Selection Outline Template.docx

Case Selection/Outline
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Dr. Michelle Green

Case Selection/Outline
In this section, discuss what case you have selected (18, 19, or 20) from the Brown & Barlow (2017) Casebook. In either paragraph or outline format, describe the case briefly and identify the sections of the paper you will cover. See Week 7 assignment instructions for the information you must cover.

Suggested outline:


Provide an overview of what will be discussed in the paper.

Clinical History

Provide the background information about the individual that is provided in the case description.

Presenting Problem/Symptoms

Describe the presenting problem(s) and symptoms that the individual in the case study is reporting or demonstrating.

Differential Diagnosis

Identify the various diagnoses being considered and explain why they are boing considered for this case. Provide your rationale for ruling out those you did not choose and for the one most likely diagnosis. Include DSM-5 criteria required for the diagnosis you have chosen and explain how your client has met those criteria.


Provide a review of the relevant, recent research on the diagnosis you’ve selected that covers the following required subtopics:
Epidemiology. Provide the data on the prevalence and incidence in the United States according to your source(s).
Etiology of the Diagnosis. Explain the biopsychosocial factors that lead to the development of the disorder; the course the disorder tends to take (see DSM for that information), and support your ideas with source information.


Summarize the paper.

List at least four peer-reviewed, academic sources you plan to use to address the topics in your paper.
These are in addition to other sources you should use, including the DSM-5, Casebook, and your textbook.

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