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Attached is a video of the case we will be assessing. Also, a list of notes I took.


Group project notes….
· Treat it as if you are telling a story about the Client as if you have worked with them.
· What type of social worker are you playing the role of (school, mental health, hospital…)?
· What area are you informed on that you can utilize with this client (trauma, suicide….)
· What assessment tools did you use? (maybe ASI – Addiction Severity Index?)
· Assessment findings?
· What engagement did you use (eye contact, open ended question’s)?
· What does evidence practice say?
· Diversity?
· Don’t forget to explain informed consent.
· Give a preview of what’s to come in your session(s).
· Cl’s appearance?
· Speech pattern?
· Mood/affect?
· Harm or risk?
· Cl’s insight?
· Cognitive abilities?
· What is the policy? How did you use it? (think state and organization)
· Follow generalist intervention policy.
· Be sure to use SMART goals.
· Don’t have to have a diagnosis but it would be a plus.
· Presentation must be 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions = total of 20 minutes.

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