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Replace the heading with the name of your company and the years your Statement of Cash Flows covers.
Replace each of the xxx’s with your values or zero, and your Cash Flow Statement will be calculated.
Note:  Be careful to enter negative numbers, subtractions, and payments as negative numbers to get a 
correct computation.


Template 21

Income Statement and Analysis of Retained Earnings

See Chapter 22 for a discussion of this topic.

Replace the heading with your company’s name and years covered by the Income Statement.

Replace each of the xxx’s with your values or zero, and the statement values will be calculated.

Replace the xxx’s in Row 10 with the number of shares of common stock

outstanding for your years 2018: xxx 2017: xxx

Pacioli Wholesale Corporation

Income Statement and Analysis of Retained Earnings

For the Years Ending June 30, 2018 and June 30, 2017

2018 2017

Sales xxx xxx

Less Cost of Goods Sold xxx xxx

Gross Profit $0 $0

Operating Expenses

Selling Expenses xxx xxx

Other xxx xxx

General Expenses xxx xxx

Administrative Expenses xxx xxx

Total Operating Expenses 0 0

Operating Income $0 $0

Interest Expense xxx xxx

Income Before Taxes $0 $0

Income Taxes xxx xxx

Net Income $0 $0

Earning Per Share Common $0.00 $0.00

Less Dividends 2018 amd 2017 xxx xxx

Addition to Retained Earnings $0 $0

Retained Earnings July 1, 2017 and 2016 0 xxx

Retained Earnings June 30, 2018 and 2017 $0 $0

Note: Adjust the dates in rows 34 and 35. Row 34 represents balances at the beginning of the year.

Row 35 should be the year-end dates.




Trial Balance

Debit Credit

Cash and equivalents 325,000

Short Term Investments 165,000

Accounts Receivables 120,000

Notes receivable 55,000

Inventories 85,000

Prepaid expenses 10,000

Long Term Investments 120,000

Property, Plan, and Equipment 950,000

Accumulated Depreciation 80,000

Goodwill 5,000

Accounts Payable 175,000

Accrued Interest 5,000

Current Materities of LT debt 80,000

Accrued salaries and wages 12,500

Income taxes payable 65,000

Bonds payable 450,000

Long-term notes payable 105,000

Deferred income taxes 5,000

Common stock $1 par 400,000

Additional paid-in capital 175,000

Retaied Earnings 100,000

Sales 1,222,750

Sales discounts 135,000

Sales returns and allowances 110,000

Other Revenues

cost of goods sold 545,000

sales salaries and commissions 20,000

travel 32,000

advertising 12,000

office supplies expense 15,000

execuitive salaries 45,000

office staff salaries 19,500

depreciation 8,500

interest expense 36,000

gain on investments 25,000

income tax expense 87,250

2,900,250 2,900,250 – 0

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