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Romans 8 Application Work 
Answer the following question on a separate sheet of paper to be turned in tomorrow. 
1 Why is it significant that our bodies, not just our disembodied souls or spirits, will be  redeemed? 
2 Are you aware of the Spirit doing in you what 8:26-27 describes?  How is this promise a  comfort to you? 
3 In verse 28 Paul speaks of “the good” and “His purpose.”  What is God’s purpose for us? 
4 Is the purpose that God has for you what you desire?  If no, ask God to give you a willing  heart to fulfill His will. 
EXTRA CREDIT (5 points on the next test) 
Look up in a biblical dictionary the following:  
frustration (8:20) 
hope (8:24) 
called (8:28) 
foreknew (8:29) 
predestined (8:29-30) 
justified (8:30) 
glorified (8:30) 

Write down the definitions to the above words. 
Give me a photocopy or printout of the page or words from the Bible dictionary source and tell me what book or web site you got your information. 
Then I want you to give me a scripture reference where the words are used other than the references given above. 
Due date: before the class takes chapters 7/8 test. I will not be asking for it or reminding you for this…so you must remember to do it and hand it in.  In order to get credit you must turn in the given in its entirety. 
If you have trouble fining words…ask me for help.

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