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Practice Management Project

Medical Office Insurance and Finance

Instructions: Download this form and provide responses to each of the practice management scenarios. This assignment is due Friday April 2nd at 1159pm and is worth 40 points.
1. Anna and Stephanie are Medical Assistants who have worked at the same clinic for over 5 years. A new employee, Greg, has been hired to work at the clinic as a lab assistant. During lunch Greg, Stephanie, and Anna engage in a conversation about dating since all 3 are single. Greg begins making inappropriate comments about couples dating which make both Stephanie and Anna uncomfortable. They attempt to change the subject but Greg continues to make inappropriate sexual comments about dating. Anna and Stephanie decide to leave the break room and Greg yells to them, “lighten up and have some fun.”

What is the main issue with Greg’s behavior?

If you were Anna or Stephanie how would you have handled this situation?

2. Many health care organizations employ a concept called behavioral interviewing. Employers use questions during a job interview that are designed to result in the applicant having to critically think before responding and provide the interviewer with an idea how the applicant may behave in certain situations. Below are 4 behavioral interview questions, write your response to each of these questions were they to be asked in a job interview.

A. What is your typical way of dealing with conflict? Give me an example.

B. Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks.

C. Describe a time when you were able to adapt to a person from a background or culture that was different than yours.

3. You recently finished medical school and residency and have decided to start a private practice. You are quite anxious about starting your own clinic but after completing a Medical Office Insurance and Finance course at a local college you feel confident in knowing what it will take to be successful. Below are list of tasks and considerations for launching your clinic. Give your best response to each of the tasks or considerations. This question is worth 20 points!

a. What is the name of your clinic? (Be creative)
b. How many physicians will you employ? Will you provide primary or specialty care? If specialty, which one? Will you hire Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners to see patients?
c. How many employees will you need? Describe what skills or education your employees will require. For example; Reception staff, CMAs, RNs, Housekeeping, etc How many Medical Assistants would you hire for each physician in your clinic.
d. What are some strategies you will use to attract patients?
e. Make a list of several accounts payable items you will need to consider. For example; rent for your office space, utilities, etc.
f. Make a list of accounts receivable
g. Any other considerations you want to include in starting your clinic?

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