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1. Elaborate on three differences between management of operations and management of projects within an organization. Give a practical example to illustrate each of the three differences. 2. Compare and contrast the terms: goals, requirements, and deliverables as related to IT projects. Give a practical example of each term to illustrate the criteria for each definition. Be sure to indicate how each term differs from the others. 3. Consider the use of four types of charts as applied to project management: 1) Milestone Chart 2) Flow Chart 3) Gantt Chart 4) Network Diagram Describe the format or content of each type of chart and give a practical example of when and how each of the four types of chart would be used for an IT project. 4. 1) Identify the top
three reasons for information systems project failure as described by Olson (2014). 2) Provide at least one example of a typical situation related to each of the three reasons. 3) Describe reasonable approaches a project manager can take to avoid or mitigate each of the three failure modes identified in part 1 of this topic.

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