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All I need is a summary written with the video attached. Then there is another attachment that I just need question 2 answered on it. No Chegg or course hero. Thanks! (There is two total attachments) (Watch this then follow the guidelines below for the 500 word summary) Thanks!

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is help the student develop or refine a better understanding of theories, methods and techniques related to leadership and to articulate how those theories, methods and techniques apply to real projects. This will be accomplished by summarizing the primary topics in the previous week’s lecture, videos and reading material. 

Instructions: Prior to the class meeting where topics are discussed, students are required to read the assigned chapter in the text, watch the session video(s), reflect on the assignment and create a document that outlines the important points in the assignments. At a minimum, the assignment must provide: A discussion of the primary elements of the lesson. A discussion of why these elements matter to a engineering manager.

Submission Guidelines: YOUR RESPONSES ARE LIMITED TO 500 WORDS for each submission, so try to make your point clearly and persuasively within the word limit. This rule will help you create or refine the ability to concisely and persuasively argue a point-of-view.

ENMA 780 – Assignment #2-6

TITLE: Think Like a Futurist to Be Prepared for the Totally Unexpected

REPORTER: Christopher Mims
DATE: Jan 03, 2017

SUMMARY: Futurists facilitate groups of people work through a highly

structured, sometimes months-long process of coming up with as many
hypothetical futures as they can, in order to prepare for more or less


1. What is a futurist? Why is this an important skill for the future?
2. How do futurists make their business quantifiable? Offer two ideas from the

3. What are the skills learned with futurism? How are these skills beneficial for

Reviewed By: Sheila Simarian Webber, Ph.D., Suffolk University

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