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Russia: Current Events
Identify a current event in Russia or the Near Abroad. The current
event should have happened during the past year and should address
issues of human or physical geography in the region in which it

Post your 300-400 word report (not including source links) to a new
discussion topic. Every report should 1) identify the location the even
occurred on and provide a link, 2) consult two
(2) online resources, one of which should be published by a person or
organization in the region where the event occurred, and 3) offer an
analysis/reflection by answering these questions: 1) What happened?,
2) Why did it happen here?, and 3) Who was impacted (and possibly,
who caused) by the event? 

Create a short title for the new discussion topic that reflects the
content of your post.  Make sure that you use quotes when citing
information in the article and cite the source so readers know where
you got your information.

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