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Proposal 2, Formal Proposal (100 pts./10%):
Writing an effective formal proposal requires you to address the following questions (this is your checklist)
What field are you pursuing? 
What specific position do you want in this field?
What does this profession contribute to society?
How did you become interested in this field and career?
What are 2-3 pros and/or rewards to this career?
What are 2-3 cons and/or challenges to this career? 
What controversial issue will you address in this assignment (refer to DB #13)? (remote working) 
Who will you be interviewing for this assignment? What can they contribute to this discussion?
What type of research will you refer to and incorporate (e.g. journals, periodicals, interviews, film, audio, etc.)? 
What is your working thesis statement?

two examples have been uploaded
Jane Smith
Prof. Williams
EN 1020-056
April 5, 2020

Proposal 2 (Example 2)

In researching the field of Communication Disorders, I will focus on Audiology. Audiology is important because its objective is finding solutions and treatment for subjects with hearing impairment. Audiology became important to me when a documentary on implanting hearing aids in children who were bomb victims in 2012 sparked my philanthropic interest. I later was given an opportunity to job shadow an audiologist the summer of my junior year working in a clinical setting with a patient. Benefits of the field include job security and constant opportunities for jobs, good pay to sustain a family, and a non-stressful career because the work is so rewarding. On the other hand, the field requires a costly eight years of post-secondary schooling, being able to maintain a flexible schedule because one may have to work weekends to accommodate patient’s needs, and a willingness to stay with the career path because licensure is expensive. Research will be done through internet resources, a personal interview and print sources. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website,, will be my primary research aid coupled by the Audiology section of the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Academic journal entries in the library database on cochlear implants will also be used to further focus on the cochlear implant controversy. The controversy of cochlear implants will focus on the reception of the procedure in the deaf community and lack of insurance coverage of them. Personal interview will be conducted with Dr. Rebecca M. Fischer who is a current professor at MTSU with an audiology degree teaching audiology. She will be able to entertain my questions about the medical aspect of cochlear implants and what an audiologists outlook is month by month. Being able to shadow an audiologist for only a day did not let me peer into anything more than clinicals to discover what all an audiologist does. The field of audiology interests me and hopefully through all the research I will understand the complexities of it.

John Smith
Prof. Williams
EN 1020-055
April 5, 2020
Proposal 2 (Example 1)

The field that I am pursuing is Nursing. It has been something that has interested me since the age of eight, and last month I was one of the lucky 64 to be chosen into MTSU’s Nursing program and will begin my journey in the Fall of 2019. I have always craved the idea of having leadership or revered positions, and becoming a Nurse Practitioner is something that greatly appeals to me. With this profession, I would have the ability to provide any type of medical care to the citizens of the community in which I live in. Whether I choose to work in Pediatrics or Internal Medicine, the amount of people I will be impacting is countless. With the help of modern medicine people have been able to increase their lifespan greatly. Ensuring individuals’ success, in the terms of fighting diseases and illnesses, is something that I am passionate about. I would not only have the opportunity to provide great medical care, but also counseling for those who need it and, in return, be able to build strong relationships with the patients that would seek my help. When I immigrated into this country from Mexico, I had to receive the mandatory vaccinations in order to being the 3rd grade. One thing that I will never forget is the amount of care the Nurse Practitioners showed towards me when performing the physical examination. They did not care that I was a foreigner and someone who could not speak the language; they simply saw me as someone who needed to be in strong physical condition in order to continue their education. Along with my interest for health sciences, this experience helped me realize that Nursing was the field for me. Pros for this career include aiding individuals to better themselves internally, providing medical care for those who have extreme illnesses or even those with the common cold, a solid and steady work opportunity, heavy salary, and ability to treat anyone at any given moment if an emergency should arise. On the opposite side, cons of this career include malpractice and the rare occasion that someone could be diagnosed improperly, the law suits that could follow, inability to be able to help everyone with the understanding that some may die regardless of your contribution, and a tight schedule that may prevent you from seeing your loved ones or family. The issue that I would like to address is that of autonomy in pregnant women: if it is correct for a medical expert to intervene in an expecting woman’s decision when it concerns her life or the life of her baby. I plan on interviewing one of the gynecologists in Murfreesboro Medical Clinic. As someone who deals with pregnant women daily, they will be able to provide excellent insight for me into this issue and possibly even some situations they had to encounter where they had to make such difficult choices. Research from qualified medical journals will be included, and information from my interview with said gynecologist/ medical doctor. Though understandable that a woman in delivery can accept or deny any procedure that will be done to her, if there is a medical risk involved or possible death, it should be up to the medical doctor or staff to make the woman aware of these risks and ultimately perform the necessary procedures so that the woman and/or baby can successfully arise from a tumultuous situation.

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