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Watch the video 10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success on YouTube.  I suggest you watch the interview at least a couple of times before you write your response.  We always miss important and interesting details when we read, watch or listen to something only once.

This is an interview with trading educator Anton Kriel.

Also read article on the power of “no”.  The idea in this short article goes well with the ideas Kriel presents in his interview.

  Composition Exercise

Topic For Composition Exercise #2:
At six minutes into the video interview we get an idea of the theme/purpose of the video.  Why does Anton Kriel want to do this interview?  The video is less about trading and the “narrow issues” of respecting money, assets and liabilities, alternative education, mainstream media, etc. and more about “wider issues”.  What are these “wider issues”?  Which one of the ten “secrets” do you find most useful and how could you apply it to your life?  Please answer these questions and explain your answers.  Also quote from the video.
For your composition exercises please write:
1. (format) a 500-word composition.  Use Courier New, 12-point font and double space and MLA style. 

2. (content) Your composition needs an answer and specific details for each question in the topic.  Within your 500-word limit you must cite from the material you’ve read and/or watched to support your ideas. As Abraham Lincoln wrote, “It is a pleasure to be able to quote lines to fit any occasion.”  Use two-three quotes from the sources in your composition to “fit” your interpretation of the material.

3. (focus) Stay focused on the topic.  Everything you write should have a connection to the topic and your ideas. 

4. (clarity) When you proofread check for common errors like fragments, run-on’s, commonly confused words, tense shift, subject-verb disagreement, spelling, etc.  Try to adhere to the KISS Principle.  This means keep your sentences short and simple and divide your composition into short easy to read paragraphs.
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Composition Exercise 2


Every business’ goal is to be sustainable, both socially and economically. Kriel believes that organizations may be applying impractical approaches to achieve financial success. The ten steps that include respective money and being indifferent towards it, renting to own, building and owning infrastructure, and seeking alternative solutions aim at helping businesses make sound financial decisions regardless of their sizes or age. Kriel’s documentary is revelatory and focus on financially successful people as their techniques are already practical with their case. This paper explores the wider issues that Kriel emphasizes on his documentary and the practicality of his ten steps to financial success.

Examining why Anton Kriel want to do this interview

The objective of the interview is not trading or money, but a broader topic. Therefore, Kriel is concerned about the lack of freedom and independence that young people enjoy in the freest societies and economies in history. The result is an epic journey around the world that provides insight into the life of one of the world’s most successful financial market traders over the past 20 years and Kriel’s philosophy on money, business and life (Kriel). During the interview, Kriel shared 10 key information which, if followed and applied over time, will help everyone achieve financial success and gain their freedom. Kriel also sought revelations about how the rich think and how they built money and infrastructure issues for prosperity and an optimal lifestyle. The interview is generally aimed at examining 10 Secrets of Financial Success in a journey to becoming financially successful.

The “wider issues” that the video presents

Wider issues, as presented in the video constitute millions of ways in which people can solve all their financial problems. For entrepreneurs, there are many unforeseen problems that can pose many challenges, with many of them involving financial reasons. Whether there is insufficient cash flow or accurate reconciliation reports are not received every month, proper reporting and transparency can prevent many problems with small businesses. The key to avoiding financial ruin is to ask the right questions and know what steps and controls are needed to solve the problem if something goes wrong.
As Kriel puts, “The bigger problem is to think of a million ways to solve financial problems (Kriel).” Even profitable businesses can fail due to inadequate cash flow management. The income inflows and outflows need to be closely monitored to get a picture of profitability. Most traditional degrees would not help one improve cash flow. Entrepreneurs are used to keep historical records, not to run a business. Time management is another broader topic that Kriel describes. Most people who “manage” their investments try to determine the timing of the market or choose mutual funds based on past performance. Neither one is very productive nor can both actually be counterproductive.

The “secret” that I find most useful and how I could apply it

I believe that building and owning one’s infrastructure is most useful to me as it is the major driver of economic growth. According to Kriel, Infrastructure is at the center of this agenda and it is a key driver of economic growth and inclusive development (Kriel). This is also the key to fighting climate change. Negative interest rates and quantitative easing (QE) are part of the unconventional monetary policy that central banks are pursuing in their quest to kick start their economies (Schwantes). In addition, the effects are inconsistent and the negative effects such as savings made are being noticed by more people.
Therefore, I believe that this concept is one of the few real solutions to many of our current problems and is likely to be the start of a broader multi-year investment trend. Infrastructure investment is an attractive long-term solution that only becomes attractive in today’s weak global economy as politicians and central banks seek new ways to boost their economies and private investors seek assets that can meet the challenges of return.


Kriel holds that organizations should focus on the ten steps to achieve their financial success. The objective of the interview is not trading or money, but a wider topic about financial management. Kriel is concerned about the lack of freedom and independence that young people enjoy in the freest societies and economies in history. Supporting Kriel’s assertions, I believe that seeking alternative education as one step towards this goal promotes freedom among all organizational stakeholders. Also, while all his steps are practical, I believe that building and owning one’s own infrastructure is the most applicable and practical. Infrastructure is at the center of financial agenda and it is a key driver of economic growth and inclusive development.
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