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Note discussion 31
1,APA style ,use suitable Reference
2, Need 4-5 paragraphs
3,You can refer to the uploaded screenshots of the three books
4,1 day down
Week 3 – Concept
This week’s chapters discuss the “Technologies of HC delivery” and runs right into financing, including a discussion on major payers and method of payments.  Lastly, the discussion of care setting and types of services rounds out the week’s book readings.
–  What does the advance of technology (chapter 5) mean for the overall financing of the US HC system (Chapter 6) and how will that affect the the types of care, the setting of where the care is given (Chapter 7) and the quality of care that all Americans desire!
Hint:  To see how this all fits together, think about how the delivery of some services were and continue to be provided during the pandemic.   

Note discussion 32
1,APA style ,use suitable reference
2, Need 4-5 paragraphs
3,1 day down
Week 3 Discussion Application
The Etext Readings and the article from this week include Health Care Financing, including payments.  I would like to you to concentrate on the ‘cost of’ and then payments for drugs.  The articles go back 5 years, but the most recent one is from the other day!  Why are we, in the US, continuing to pay so much money for drugs, when they are so much cheaper in other countries?  Don’t be afraid to be very frank in your discussions.  Are the articles telling you everything??

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