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Re: Topic 1 DQ 1

Along with being an advocate, another one of the nurse’s roles that are very important is being a health educator. When educating a patient, the nurse first needs to understand how that patient learns best. Are the old and learn better with a magnified list or are they young and learn best with pictures? Does the patient need written material, or do they do better just listen? Timing is a big part of the learning process (Reid, C. Hantler, A., Thompson, S., 2020). Making sure the patient understand is the most important aspect. Having the patient teach back or demonstrate what was just taught to them can help the nurse identify if the teaching was effective. The nurse first needs to judge if the patient is ready to learn and change. The nurse needs to see what stage of life the patient is in before creating a care plan. When teaching a patient, a nurse should always use behavioral objectives. The nurse needs to know teaching was effective. Patients a lot of times do not want to learn. It can help having the family in the room when teaching that way they learn also and can reiterate the information when the patient it home.
Reid, C., Hantler, A., & Thompson, S. (2020). What registered nurses consider important when educating and supporting patients receiving oral capecitabine for cancer. Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing, 21(2), 2–7.
Respond to the above student’s posting using 200-300 words APA format in supporting the discussion using references.

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