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Ethical leaders can help establish an environment that encourages productive relationships for the individual, the team, and the organization system-wide. A Google search will find numerous discussions regarding what makes an ethical leader. Ethical leaders manage each situation objectively, keeping their emotions under control; they weigh consequences, risk (personal and organizational) and take action. Throughout your program, you were asked to consider ethical decision-making and socially responsible behavior as part of your practice. Following the discussion expectations, discuss how the study of ethics and CSR has evolved your thinking and helped you become a more ethical person. Provide an example.
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How Common is Unethical Behavior in U.S. Organizations? [HBR, by Ivecevic, Menges, & Miller, March 20, 2020]
Approach this discussion response as if you are a management consultant who has been asked by the CEO to recommend the key elements of an effective leadership and governance system appropriate for a global organization entering a new market. What considerations must be addressed? What specific advice would you provide the CEO? Substantiate your recommendations with evidence from the readings.
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