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Written Presentation Guidelines
You will be sharing an overview of your consulting proposal with your peers (i.e. the audience is no longer the organization you audited).
You are to create a summary that includes the following:
Brief background of your consulting company – 5 pts
Brief background of the organization you audited – 5 pts
Organized presentation of communication variables to be improved – 15 pts
Organized presentation of recommendations – 15 pts
Clear description of timeframe, costs – 10 pts
**Your presentation may be pure text, a word document with graphs/charts, powerpoint, prezi etc.

ORCO 4500

Paper #3


“Every organization has patterns of “routinized” activities, such as rites

and rituals, which through repetition communicate information about
the organization’s technology, beliefs, values assumptions, and ways

of doing things. Patterns of behavior are things that members of an
organizational culture continue to do (or that cause members to

continue to do things), often without thinking. They include such
familiar management practices as holding staff meetings, training,

filling out forms, and conducting employee performance appraisals.”

Ott, J. S. (1989) The Organizational Culture Perspective, Brooks/Cole:
Pacific Grove, California

List/Describe/Explain/Clarify patterns of behavior within your

organization of choice. 3-5 pps – cite at least 2 definitions in your

introduction – Good Luck!

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