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This assignment is designed for you demonstrate your understanding of the legal framework in the United States and to apply what you’ve learned to a public safety scenario. 


Because administering public safety often depends on what public entity (federal, state, county, local) has authority to operate, explain the concept of federalism in the United States.  Be sure to address, at a minimum, what is the basis of federalism, what constitutional principles or provisions give the federal government power to act in the states and which ones restrain the power of the federal government.  Finally, be sure to address the constitutional principle(s) or provision(s) that give states their power and what, if anything limits that power.  Feel free to cite examples of federalism being applied in the field of public safety.

Police Powers
Please discuss the origins, applications, and limits of police powers.  Do not limit your discussion to the powers of law enforcement—police powers are broader than that. 
Scenario (consider that you are a state public safety official dealing with a pandemic). 
Explain what legal factors/limitations you would consider related to a quarantine. 
If the state needs additional resources from the federal government, explain in what circumstances the federal government can intervene.
If the state needs assistance from the National Guard and or the “regular” military, what issues will you need to consider related to their deployment.

Your assignment should be four to six pages not including your cover page and reference page. Your paper should be double spaced and have 1-inch margins.   Finally, your paper should have paragraph headers that correspond to instructions but are abbreviated (example: “factors/limitations related to a quarantine” (3)(a)).

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