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These will be graded on length, quality of answers, specific reference to the texts, and analytical thought. So please try to include short quotes from the book(s), lecture material and/or videos and other readings. Think about what you want to say, organize your thoughts well, and develop and provide evidence or explanation for your assertions. There is a minimum word count of 500 words. 
You need to include at least three different sources. These can be outside sources and/or sources from class. You do not need a source page, unless you have outside sources. If you cite my lecture just put in (Frawley, Lecture) and if you cite our textbook you can just put in (Faderman, page number). Citing my lecture three times is only citing one source three times. It is not three different sources. 
Make sure to cite the sources you use in the body of the essay. I will deduct points if you do not cite the sources in the paper. There are guides for MLA and APA in the writing resources link. Remember, you should never write a paper as one giant paragraph. If you need a refresher on basic writing skills there is a power point in the writing resources links.

There are two, or three, sets of questions for each assignment.  Only answer one question set, not all of them. Answer all the questions in the set that you
Reminder: Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source in college writing assignments.
Acceptable sources: peer reviewed articles, books and news articles from reliable sources such as major newspapers or organizations such as the Smithsonian or National Geographic and items provided in course materials.
Unacceptable sources: Wikipedia, popular opinion pieces, and blogs.

Question Set 1: 

What was the Homophile Movement? How did it affect the LGBTQ community? Discuss some of the key individuals and organizations of this time period.  What are some of the major events associated with the homophile era? Can you draw any parallels from this time with the current issues affecting the LGBTQ community?

Question Set 2: 

Explain in depth what happened during the stonewall riots. Explain how the riots affected the LGBTQ community and how changed the face of LGBTQ activism in America.  Explain who Harvey Milk was and what happened to him? What impact did his assassination have on the fight for LGBTQ rights?

Question Set 3: 

Describe the elements of the AIDS crisis, include information on the discovery of the disease and the LGBT community’s reaction to the crisis. What other groups of people, besides the gay male community, were initially also affected by the disease? Why was funding hard almost non-existent? What event changed people’s attitude toward the disease? What was the impact on the LGBTQ community and how did it change their culture?

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