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APA format 3-4 page research paper. APA format to include title page, running heads, double spacing, and citations. Paper is due next week via Blackboard. 150 ptsComponents of paper1. Brief description of fire department and the community served.2. What specific services are provided? Include emergency and non-emergency services.3. Summary of major resources of your selected fire/emergency service agency: personnel/staffing, apparatus, facilities, revenue sources, and budget expenditures. NOTE: The apparatus and facility resources should be basic summary information. More specific details on personnel costs, apparatus, and facilities will be covered in future assignments. Include as much of the budget detail as possible.You will present your information orally in class. Presentation should last 5-10 minutes. You do not need to turn in a hard copy; however, you should bring whatever is needed for your presentation. You may create a powerpoint, but it is not required. Your powerpoint should be uploaded to blackboard.Your research should clearly explain ‘where the money comes from’ to fund the fire department.

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