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– 1 paragraph analyzing anything you find noteworthy about the weekly feature (full-length film). If you wish to write additional analysis to include one or more of the weekly clips, that’s great.The Kiss (Links to an external site.)Seminary Girls (Links to an external site.)Demolition of a Wall (Links to an external site.)The Lonedale Operator (Links to an external site.)- 1 paragraph with analysis of the week’s readings – for example, you could elaborate on a concept you found interesting or argue against a concept in the readings. Do not summarize the lecture content, the readings, or the films’ plots. Write about things you can analyze. For example: you could write about how a film uses a visual storytelling device like subjective camera or editing. If you are ever struggling for an idea, begin with the leading questions on the worksheet. Avoid writing reviews; that is a whole other style of writing.Textbook: Film Art, 11th edition. David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson.Read chapter 4 (that’s this weeks reading)

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