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Read the following article about violence along the Mexico-Texas border from 1910-1920: (Links to an external site.) (the article is about 10 pages long). Questions: What was the relationship between Mexican Americans and Anglo Americans in border towns pre-1910s? How did the “Plan de San Diego” change this, in other words, what actions did the Texas Rangers and others take towards Mexican Americans? What was the general response towards the violence Mexican Americans faced?To clarify, the “Plan de San Diego” did not really have that widespread of support. As the authors write, “The insurrections [from the ‘Plan de San Diego’] killed only a handful, but prompted indiscriminate reprisals.” Your first post must answer the above questions in 150-200 words (1-2 paragraphs). You must make this post before you will be able to read other posts or reply to other students. This part is worth 15 points. After your first post, respond to another student. You might add some more information, present another point of view, or add to their discussion in some other way. This post should be 50-100 words and is worth 5 points. Both posts must be submitted by 11:59pm. A reminder to be respectful to other students when posting.

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