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answer the following questions on the word documentation feel free to ask when it is not clear.thank you

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MATH 231: Technical skills orientation
(Points earned will be scaled out of X total)
This assignment will ensure you have certain technical skills that you’ll need to use throughout the semester
for assignments, tests and quizzes. You will also be introducing yourself to me.
You will be graded on how well you follow all directions precisely.
1. (1 pt) Save this document, with a file name as follows, where you replace “Smith_B” with your last
name and first initial: Smith_B_TechSkillsAssign. (This would be the name for Briana Smith.)
2. (1 pt) In this saved document, put your cursor in front of the first row at the top, then…
a. Type your first and last name as appears on PeopleSoft.
b. Then hit “Enter” to move the text “MATH 231: Tech…” to the next line.
c. Several spaces below that, type the name you like to be called. For example, if Briana Smith goes
by “Bri”, she would write: Bri. If you go by the same name, just repeat it.
3. (2 pts) Taking a Screenshot: (Directions for this are on p. 3)
a. Go to whatever web browser you like, and google “current day and time.”
b. Take a screenshot of the portion of the screen (not full screen) that gives you that information. It
should look just like the snip below, except with your current day and time.
c. Delete original screenshot below and replace with your screenshot by pasting your snip there.
Resize if needed (by dragging from corner) to same size as the one below.
4. Scanning multiple pages:
a. (½ pt) On a piece of [scrap] paper, write your name at the top left corner. Put “p.1” on top right.
Below that, write out the name you like to be called (You typed both of these in #2 above). Then, if
that name is often mispronounced, please write it out phonetically, showing how one would
pronounce it. For example, the student who goes by “Bri” would write out “Bree” to ensure correct
pronunciation. A student whose name is “Nneoma” writes “NO-ma.” (The syllable with emphasis
is all caps.) If you’re not sure if pronunciation is obvious, write phonetically.
b. (1½ pt) On a second piece of [scrap] paper, again, write your name at the top left corner. Put “p.2”
on top right. Then write your preferred pronouns, e.g., she/her. Write two things about yourself
that you would like to share with me. These can be anything – your interests, goals, feelings about
this class, you as a learner, etc. It can be as personal as you’re comfortable with. This will NOT be
shared with any students. More than two short sentences is kindly appreciated ☺
c. (2 pts) Scan those two sheets of paper in order so that you have a two-page pdf document, portrait
orientation. See page 3 of this document for “How-to turn your phone into a scanner.”
▪ Save the scan, naming it (if you can) “MyNameScan”; Upload to your email.
▪ Go to your computer, open the email and download the file to your computer, remembering
where the download lives. If you didn’t name it properly before, use “Rename” to do so now.
▪ In our Bb course, find this assignment, and upload the scan from your computer to it.
▪ Leave assignment open for now. You will shortly save THIS document and upload it there also.
5. (2 pts) Establishing your camera position and
*During quizzes and tests, you will sign into
Zoom from your phone, keep mic off, but
webcam on, and set it up to show your
workspace (your paper, your hands, your laptop,
at least some of your face.) Three acceptable
views are shown here:
a. Find a location where you think you’d be comfortable taking a quiz or test, where you need to be able
to look at your computer AND write on paper.
b. On your phone, open your camera app; switch to front facing camera.
c. Set up the camera to capture your workspace now, similar to one of those shown.
d. Snap the picture with your hand that can reach your phone.
e. Send the picture to your email.
f. From your email, take a screenshot of that picture. (See p. 3 “How to take a screenshot”).
g. Paste it here, then delete all pictures shown above, leaving only yours.
*If for any reason, this requirement is a problem for you, you need to tell me about it now (not at the time of
an assessment). Alternatively, you can reach out to Math 231 coordinator, or Assistant Chair of the Math
6. Save this Word document somewhere you’ll remember. Then UPLOAD it on Blackboard to the same place
you uploaded the pdf – into this Assignment.
How to take a screenshot (Needed for #3 and #5 above):
Windows: Use the built in “snipping tool.” Here is a 2 minute YouTube on how to do that.
Mac: Command + Shift + 4: turns the cursor into a crosshair, allowing you to select which portion of your
screen you would like to capture. Screenshots taken this way are saved to your desktop. Press control to save
the screenshot to your clipboard instead, to be able to paste it into other applications. For a walkthrough, see
this 2 minute YouTube video, where you want Method 2 or Method 4.
How to turn your phone into a scanner (Needed for #4 above):
There are many phone apps that make scanning multiple pages very easy, and then easily uploadable to your
email, Dropbox, or other.
iPhone: The app NOTES on an iPhone has the capability to translate a picture to a PDF for upload.
a. Open NOTES app
b. Create a new note (on main Notes screen, click note icon on bottom right)
c. Tap the camera in the middle of the tool bar just above the keyboard. If you don’t see a camera icon,
go back to make sure you are in the iCloud folder.
d. Choose SCAN DOCUMENTS. The camera should open.
e. Position the camera over your document. Take the picture.
f. KEEP THE SCAN and take a picture of the second page, if necessary -or- SAVE the scan.
Android: If you have an android phone, you can download a FREE scan app and go through the same
process. Here is a link to an article explaining how to scan a document using capabilities included with an
android phone:
The simple way to scan documents with your Android phone
Other options for scanning from either type of phone are plentiful. Downloadable from app store:
Camscanner (free), Scannable (free), ScannerPro (3.99)
Of course, you can use a document scanner, if you have access to one.

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