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Case Analysis: Uber: Modern ManagementRead the Case Study: The study of management theory is important for various reasons. Knowledge of theoretical perspectives can help managers understand and interpret the present, guide their actions, provide a source for new ideas, give clues to the reason behind other managers’ decisions, give clues to the meaning of outside events, and reveal the reason for productive results. You are asked to demonstrate your knowledge of these concepts in this activity.Uber is frequently touted as one the most spectacular success stories in Silicon Valley’s history. Within 7 years of its 2010 launch, it went from a one-city pilot-test to a multinational company with a $48+ billion dollar valuation, millions of drivers, thousands of full-time employees, and specialized divisions dedicated to things like self-driving and flying vehicles. But in 2017 Uber also found itself mired in a barrage of scandals surrounding regulatory infractions.Compare and contrast the management styles of Kalanick and Khosrowshahi. How are they different? Do they share any similarities? Explain.Assume you are Uber’s new CEO. Utilize the four components of total quality management to ensure riders have safe rides. What protocols would you implement to ease customer concerns?

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