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make me an power point based on reasoning. I will send you the context you need to go over to make the power point. It is very easy. How do you buy a new car? A step by step advice as to how one should proceed to make the best possible decision and avoid reasoning fallaciesImagine you have just been hired by a consumer protection company that advices and reviews new cars. Your first assignment is to prepare a powerpoint presentation outlining the step by step intellectual process that you will advice your readers to bear in mind before they go to any car showroom. This will be posted on your consumer protection company’s website to show how your company takes the interest of its customers seriously. So, make the presentation intellectually sound, engaging, and concise. You have a limit of five slides to make your point.You shall be graded for:1. Content: Clarity of thought and step by step reasoning: 32. Clarity of your delivery: 33. Visual quality of the slides: 24. Grammar, spelling, and the overall quality of the text, and making your case within 5 slide

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