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Assignment Detail for the Organizational Analysis:
Purpose of the Assignment: Carefully examining the nature and structure of an organization
is a key administrative skill. As well, being able to exemplify characteristics of the
organization, regardless of its nature, is valuable for many purposes. Understanding the goals
of the enterprise, how these goals are accomplished, and several other characteristics are key
to the conduct of daily operations. The OA document and its writer only observes and
reports; there is no critical intent of the process or the product.
The organization is created by the learner. Its name, key employees and other
identifying data is totally fictitious. No real identifiers are used in this project.
This type of document does not exceed 6-8 double-spaced pages. For practical purposes,
there are no APA references needed. Assume the report is to be submitted to your
Elements in the Analysis:
Description of the organization (fictitious location, product, service, size, etc.)
Observation of the “health” of the organization (monetary, staff complements and
relevant other health indicators
3. Organizational Chart – one page only; optional format
4. SWOT analysis – one page only; see credible online citations if this term is
unfamiliar. Note: Use a simple “four quadrant” model. Note this example site for more
c=VBzzaAOxkAQ1wM: (Links to an external site.)
5. Concluding statements – Include any information not noted in the foregoing; be certain
that the reader obtains a very clear picture of the nature of the organization. Note: this
is a substantial document; please be mindful that your organization will be used in the
second paper that calls for a continuum of events describing an adverse event and its
ultimate resolution. Therefore, take your time and think quality efforts now and quality
efforts to follow.

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