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COURSE CODE BBA322 COURSE NAME Leadership and Teambuilding
Task brief & rubrics: Final
Task: Critically analyze issues related to team cohesiveness, diversity, and team conflict based on the case study: ‘Excel Pro Drilling
This assignment should be completed individually.
1. Read the case study available on moodle titled ‘Excel Pro Drilling Systems’ and answer the following questions:

What went wrong in the formation of the Green Team? What should Excel Pro have done differently? Justify your answer.
What conditions contribute to this team’s cohesiveness? What reduces its cohesiveness?
What do you think of the points plan? How should Excel Pro’s management help the Green Team manage its conflict? What styles of conflict
resolution (based on the TKI model introduced in class) would you consider most effective in this situation?
2. The Green Team consists of members from a variety of cultures. Critically analyze the advantages of such a diverse team and the challenges
leaders might face.
Expected table of contents:

Case Introduction

Critical analysis of Q1.
Critical analysis of Q2.
Critical analysis of Q3.
Definition and types of workplace diversity.
Advantages of diverse teams.
Challenges related to leading diverse teams.


The assignment should be written in the form of an essay and submitted via turnitin.
Word-count: 3000 words
Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total word-count.
Font: Arial 12 pts.
Text alignment: Justified.
The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.
Submission: Week 8 – Via Moodle (Turnitin). September 20th, 2020 by 23.59 CEST
Weight: This task is a 60% of your total grade for this subject.
It assesses the following learning outcomes:

Describe the key characteristics of high-performing teams.
Develop skills in systematic and efficient management of conflict issues.
• Rubrics
Application (30%)
Student applies fully
relevant knowledge from
the topics delivered in
Good 80-89
Student demonstrates
good understanding of the
task and mentions some
relevant concepts and
demonstrates use of the
relevant vocabulary.
Student applies mostly
relevant knowledge from
the topics delivered in
Critical Thinking
Student critically assesses
in excellent ways, drawing
outstanding conclusions
from relevant authors.
Student critically assesses
in good ways, drawing
conclusions from relevant
authors and references.
Student communicates
their ideas extremely
clearly and concisely,
respecting word count,
grammar and spellcheck
Student communicates
their ideas clearly and
concisely, respecting word
count, grammar and
Knowledge &
Exceptional 90-100
Student demonstrates
excellent understanding of
key concepts and uses
vocabulary in an entirely
appropriate manner.
Fair 70-79
Student understands the
task and provides minimum
theory and/or some use of
Student applies some
relevant knowledge from
the topics delivered in
class. Misunderstanding
may be evident.
Student provides some
insights but stays on the
surface of the topic.
References may not be
Student communicates
their ideas with some
clarity and concision. It
may be slightly over or
under the word-count
limit. Some misspelling
errors may be evident.
Marginal fail 60-69
Student understands the task
and attempts to answer the
question but does not
mention key concepts or uses
minimum amount of relevant
Student applies little relevant
knowledge from the topics
delivered in class.
Misunderstands are evident.
Student makes little or none
critical thinking insights, does
not quote appropriate
authors, and does not
provide valid sources.
Student communicates their
ideas in a somewhat unclear
and not concise way. Does
not reach or does exceed
word-count excessively and
misspelling errors are
Based in Alabama, Excel Pro Drilling Systems sells drilling equipment around the
world. Its factories in Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, India, and South Africa
run three shifts to keep up with strong demand in developing nations. Excel Pro
enjoys profitability, but environmental groups have expressed concern about its
impact on climate change. As executives explored their response, they saw that
achieving more sustainable resource use also could make the company more
efficient and create a more favorable business environment for the long term.
The executives decided to form a group called the Excel Pro Green Team, made
up of representatives in each of its locations. Each facility’s managers chose three
employees, one each from engineering, production, and finance, with leadership
skills, English-language ability, and interest in the topic of environmental
sustainability. These 18 employees formed the Green Team.
To save money as well as fuel, the Green Team operates as a virtual team. Its
members meet by videoconferencing once a month. Between meetings, they
share thoughts via e-mail and in a social-media–style page Excel Pro created for
this purpose.
Initially, all the Green Team members were enthusiastic. The Czech and Brazilian
representatives even came to the first meeting with specific ideas. Other team
members were inspired to prepare ideas for the next meeting, but several were
concerned that the team needed a plan establishing goals and a time line before
the team addressed specific actions. Most of the third meeting was devoted to
debating whether to establish an action plan or refine the ideas already
submitted. Frustrated, the South African representatives took one idea to their
facility’s management for approval and began to implement it without telling the
rest of the team.
By the fourth meeting, the representatives in India and the Czech Republic were
openly complaining that meetings were always scheduled at times convenient for
the headquarters employees. The Chinese team members agreed; in fact, one
had quietly stopped attending meetings, although she did continue to participate
in the exchange of e-mail ideas . The debate about whether headquarters should
always schedule meetings lasted for 45 minutes, after which no one was in any
mood to discuss sustainability.
Two of the Alabama team representatives took their frustration to their
managers. The executive team investigated and decided the team needed to be
unified behind a common goal. They directed the team to present three resourcesaving ideas by the end of the year, and they offered a reward system to
promote teamwork. The team members are each allocated 100 points a month.
Whenever one team member appreciates another’s actions, he or she gives that
person points. All team members’ point scores are viewable by the whole team at
a shared website. At the end of the year, the points earned by each employee will
be exchanged for cash rewards in the local currency. The executives hope the
program will motivate greater cooperation.

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