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This Journal is a common assignment given the first week in Composition classes that asks you to think about your writing past.Respond to the prompt below meaningfully. There is no minimum length, however, you should make sure that you thoroughly address the questions and pprovide details, specifics and explanations.PROMPTS: Share an early memory of writing. What is your earliest memory of writing? Was it writing your name for the first time, or writing on a wall and getting in trouble? Or maybe writing letters or working on a paper in your kindergarten class? Whatever comes to mind works! Just share the story or scene as you remember.What positive memories do you have about writing? Share at least one story of a positive experience that you had when writing something–it can be for school, a letter, whatever you would name as your most memorable positive experience.Now shift to the negative. What negative experiences have you had? Share the detailed story of at least one negative experience you have had in your life writing. Finally, after you have written your earliest memory, your positive and negative experiences, REFLECT a bit. What can you conclude about all this you have shared? What does this say about your feelings about writing? About you as a writer? About your feelings about writing tasks?What observations can you make about the influence that our past has on us?CLICK ON the CREATE JOURNAL LINK button above to get started.

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