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This Journal entry covers everything that you have done this week in class. It asks you to share a lot of information, which demonstrates that you have completed all of the tasks assigned.Meaningful, thorough and complete response is required to earn full credit for this work. Be sure that you answer all questions completely. Explain your answers so that I can see how y9ou have engaged in the work. You may write this up in a Word-processing document and UPLOAD as an attachment, OR type here in the CREATE JOURNAL box.Q 1: What Bad Idea chapter have you chosen for Writing Project #2? Please share the full title and the author name.Q2: Why did you choose this topic? How did your connect with it? Explain in a paragraph or two.Q3: Summarize the chapter of BAD IDEAS: Start with an early signal phrase that includes the title of your chapter and/or the author’s name.Ex 1: In her essay “Plagiarism Deserves to be Punished,” Jennifer A. Mott-Smith argues…says…claims…presents….discusses….Ex 2: We are all warned in high school that plagiarism will be severely punished in college. But Jennifer A. Mott-Smith says it shouldn’t be. She breaks this myth in her essay in the book “Bad Ideas about Writing,” entitled “Plagiarism Deserves to be Punished.”After you have introduced your author into your conversation, write a paragraph or two explaining what he/she says in their essay. (More than 2 paragraphs is not necessary. Just a brief summary will do. WHAT IS THEIR MAIN POINT? How do they defend it?Q4: What is the title of the Journal article you located for Task #5? Who are the authors? How do you think this article might help you understand more about the “Bad Idea”? feel free to take some guesses!Q5: What other sources have you found? You don’t have to have found a lot–I did ask that you look for at least one text about the “Bad Idea” that you chose that isn’t in a professional academic journal. For instance, I might look up “plagiarism” in a dictionary, or in a Google search to see how the term is perceived.Q6: Who are you going to interview for this project? Who can you ask about their understanding of this “Bad Idea” and their possible experiences with it? Are you unsure about who to interview? Are you interested in doing some sort of survey of other students? What do you think you could learn in the interviews?Surveys?

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