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Please reply to the question and comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.Question Q: What about considering Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”?You might look up an online full-text version of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” (a great expression of sentiment). What is this about? Deal with some original passages. Discuss. Great reading! Have a look. Cite websites if used.Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.Classmate’s postThomas Paine’s Common Sense argues two main points: Independence from England and the creation of a democratic republic. This document was crucial cause it helped to convince people to support declaring independence from Great Britain. It was effective in mobilizing Americans to go against Great Britain in 1776. According to Common Sense, “The cause of America is a great measure of all mankind. Some writers have so confounded society with government as to leave little or none distinctions between them.” ( Tom Paine, line 4 Common Sense). The government is not the same and has different origins. In the early years, there was no kings. Paine talks about if you have no kings there can’t be a consequence of war. It was the kings who bewildered society. Work CitedAmerica, “Common Sense.” Jan. 1776, Philadelphia. htm

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