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Step 1: Read the following excerpts from Terese Marie Mailhot’s memoir Heart Berries. 1 Indian Condition.pdfMinimize File Preview10 Indian Condition.pdfMinimize File PreviewStep 2: Fill out an annotation worksheet for the reading. Blank Annotation Worksheet here. (DOCX)Blank Annotation Worksheet here. (PDF) (You can download it, type in your responses, and save your file or you can print it out, write your answers on the worksheet, and post a scan of the document.)Step 3: In conjunction with the two readings, please watch the following video on Missing Indigenous Women by AJ+ and answer the questions below. These questions can either be uploaded as a separate document, text submission or typed at the end of your annotation worksheet. Play media comment.Questions for AJ+What was your takeaway or what surprised you the most about the video?Knowing what you know now from the video, what new understanding do you have about the two essays you read?

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