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InstructionsAnswer each question in your own words unless otherwise specified. If you must quote material, then do so judiciously and cite your sources. Each of your answers should be no more than three paragraphs. Alternatively, you may compose your assignment such that you answer Questions 1 and two in complete sentences and Question 3 as a fill-in table. If you must answer Question 3 with complete sentences, then use the enumeration such that you have 3a., 3b., 3c., and so forth. Your assignment must conform to the writing guidelines. Failure to comply with the writing guidelines will guarantee a reduction in grade.Also,Correct use of English is a fundamental requirement for your papers to be graded. If detected errors in spelling, syntax, grammar, APA styles matches or exceeds 20; then the errors will be noted and you will be given a 10% reduction in grade. Therefore, it is vital that you proofread prior to submission.QuestionsWanlund, B. (2020, May 1). Global protest movements. CQ Researcher, 30(17). Retrieved from…Videos: 2019: A Year of Protest from Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (Links to an external site.) George Floyd killing sparks worldwide protests against racism | DW News (Links to an external site.)According to the article, what is considered to be free speech? (1 point)After watching the videos and reading the article, what is considered to be contributing to the mass demonstrations of people in 2019 and this year? And why does the author of the article write, “…there were more protests, and more protesters, in 2019 than at any other time in history (p. 3). Briefly explain. (1 points)Using the information from the videos and reading, briefly explain why there were/are mass protests in the countries listed in the table. below. Also, determine what were the results such as if effective or not. Also, briefly explain, according to the videos and reading, whether the long-term effects of the mass demonstrations has or will foster lasting positive change for each country. (8 points)
CountryProtests?Results?Change?ChileEcuadorFranceHong KongIranLebanonSudanUnited StatesCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQ1a: first top 3 news items2.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQ1b: second top 3 news items2.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQ1c: third top 3 news items2.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQ2: news sources explanation4.0 ptsTotal Points: 10.0

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