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This activity will replace our previous request (via Super Tracker — site was shut down in June 2018). I’ve examined a number of various ‘FREE’ food trackers with nutrient information. Please access: [] Clicking on this will take you to the “SPARKPEOPLE” website, you can REGISTER for FREE !! Using this food/nutrient website, this activity is designed for you to record your food intake for one week … THIS WILL BE A VERY ‘EYE-OPENING’ Activity for you to honestly complete.Once clicking into the Registering only takes a few minutes …. at most !! Once registered, I would recommend that you view the “Introduction” video (~3.5 minutes) to inform you how to navigate the website for inputting food that you eat !!Usethe “SPARKPEOPLE” website tracker to record your dietary intake for one week using this link [] … just click on this this link (or you may need to copy and paste this website into your browser) !!Please REVIEW your results for the one-week food intake survey that you completed via SPARKPEOPLE website food tracker. Identify various strategies that you could begin to implement to improve the health of your nutrient intake.

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