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Attached is 7 questions for you to answer and give good detail…please Thank you

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Analysis of Literacy History
What sense did you get, as you were learning to read and write, of the value of reading and writing, and
where did that sense come from?
What frustrated you about reading and writing as you were learning and then as you progressed
through school? By the same token, what pleased you about them?
What kind of writing or reading do you do most commonly now?
Who are some of the people and/or institutions in your life who have shaped your reading and writing
What are some of the technologies, tools, and materials you use to read and write on a day-to-day
basis? How do these tools shape the writing that you do?
Do you speak/write the same way in every situation? Do you feel like the way you speak at home with
your family or friends is the same way you speak at school? Can you point to some examples?
Do you feel like one of the ways you speak is valued more highly than the others? How do you know?

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