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Discussion #11717 unread replies.1717 replies.Read – The Characteristics of High Quality Discussion Posts (in the announcements section) before participating in discussion #1. In these tough economic times, many people have no choice but to turn to their credits cards to pay some bills. Most economists argue that this is not a financially prudent course of action.Credit cards companies have long been accused of being less than reputable in their business practices.The question for consideration this week; are credit card companies exploiting American consumers, especially in these worst of economic times.Although discussion points are the easiest to earn, some students lose many points because they do not adhere to some simple rules.Type all submissions in the text box, no attachments allowed.These rules will apply to all discussions going forward. Your initial post should be at least 300 words and due by Wednesday, your two subsequent posts should be at least 200 words each and due before the discussion closes.The word requirement guidelines will be strictly enforced going forward and you are required to submit a WORD COUNT with each posting. You will not be able to post to the forum after the due date. Deductions will be made for non-participation, inadequate participation, late submissions (the later, the higher the percentage taken off), no word counts, many grammatical and/or spelling errors, incorrect or a lack of citations or for comments that are not related to the topic or those that clearly do not meet the above-mentioned criteria.Because you are not subject matter experts, you are required to do some basic research on this topic and use/cite at least two academic sources (not including your text book or websites such as, Wikipedia, ProCon websites,, articles or websites with unknown authors, or any other such websites. You can only use sources with reputable authors) when constructing your initial post. You are required to use in text citations along with a WORKS CITED at the end of your document. The most important reasons to employ a citation style such as the APA method is to ensure you are giving due credit to others for the ideas that you are using as a basis for your essay. Any ideas or research you incorporate that are not your own must be cited, otherwise you risk being accused of plagiarism.Here are some links that provide some guidance on citing sources correctly.APA webpage (Links to an external site.)APA vidcast series—There are 6 videos that include how to set up the page, citing, and the References

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