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Discussion Post:Identify one journal and one organization that provide research on technology trends and issues relevant to human service organizations. Explain the usefulness of both of these ‘tools’ and how they can impact your daily work. Examples:Journal: Journal of InformationTechnology Organization: TechSoupRespond to at least two colleagues in one of the following ways: share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting, validate an idea with your own experience, or expand on your colleague’s posting.(Note: You do
not need to respond to the discussion questions, it is included for your
reference so you are aware of what questions the students are replying to) I
posted my colleagues’ responses to the discussion question above, please
respond to their post. Begin the response with Hi Lizzeth/Samantha) (I need at
least a half page response for each person) Please include references and provide the url link
to all journal articles you use as references. Use current (meaning within the
past 2 years) scholarly journal articles as references. Please use APA 6th
edition format. Thanks)Magugu’s Post:Journal of Technology in Human Services: Indigenous perspectives on using technology as a supportive resource when experiencing family violence. This tool is an online resource that is useful in providing anonymity, promoting connection to culture and facilitating the healing process of violence victims through drawing on indigenous knowledge and strengths (Fiolet, Tarzia, Owen, Eccles, Nicholson, Owen, et. al., 2020). This tool has the potential of addressing barriers when accessing support for family violence. This can impact my daily work positively, through getting information faster from victims and getting to help these victims access support faster.The Case Foundation is an organization that uses technology to make an impact in addressing chronic social challenges. This organization works to use new technologies, collaborate with other risk-takers, and accelerate innovative approaches to social change (The Case Foundation, n.d.). This can positively impact my daily work in discovering new ideas and approaches through technology, to fight social challenges, and in finding solutions to these challenges faster.ReferencesFiolet, R., Tarzia, L., Owen, R., Eccles, C., Nicholson, K., Owen, M. et. al. (2020). Indigenous perspectives on using technology as a supportive resource when experiencing family violence. Journal of technology in human services, 38 (3). (Links to an external site.)The Case Foundation (n.d.). About us.’s Post:The Journal that I found was Journal of Technology in Human Services, which provides a new type of services called Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It shows how human services interact across the social, development and human services sectors and how they interact with data and devices and how it impacts individuals, organizational and social structures. “Research studies on topics such as factors that influence application uptake, mechanism for identifying and overcoming resistance, ethical challenges, worker displacement, data ownership and transparency and social justice issues related to ICT implementation and use”The organization that I found was Data Smart City Solutions, they give workers the full picture, Empower Clients, Evaluating effectiveness and improving performances. Both of these tools are useful because they can explain how they services and programs can effect a person and how a specific individual should be treated so hey can become successful. They take into account family factors and social structures, while the organization focuses on helping the workers provide extraordinary work and also determine how effective their programs are so they can improve their organization to help their clientsresources (Links to an external site.)

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