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Where does data analysis begin?The collection of data is not the onset of data analysis projects. A data analysis project begins with a purpose, problem, and research questions.Find one scholarly research paper with an excellent example of:Problem statementResearch questionsThe example shall relate to a practical, real-world work environment in the information technology field. After finding the research, discuss the following:What makes this example excellent in the topics that initiate a data analysis project?What relates this example to a practical, real-world work environment in the information technology field?Do the research questions meet the criteria defined in the lecture in week one?What is the generalizability of this research?Do not restate what the authors of the research have already stated. Your post shall be in your own words. Reference the research example using APA 7, as well as any other references used in your post. The hanging indent required in research papers is not appropriate on the discussion board.When replying to your peers, do you agree with their answers to the topics? The peer response posts should identify whether you agree and why or why not. Reference your peer’s research example in your peer response.Need 300 words with no plagrismTask2:Business Drivers for Information Security PoliciesDiscussion Objective: This discussion aims to look at the impact of business drivers to security policies. As we know, organizations are dependent on technology, and it will be impossible to eliminate risks. Therefore, after reading chapter 2 of our book, please, discuss the below. DQ1: Why should an organization need good security policies? Do you think is better to align security policies with business need? If yes or no, please, provide reasons for your answer. DQ2: Why is it essential to communicate security policies to the employees? What are the implications for an organization not complying with the security policies? Note: All discussions must adhere to APA 6th or 7th edition format. Please, create your first discussion post on or before Wednesday being the September 2nd, 2020, and respond to two of your course mate’s posts within the week. Please, spread your post across different days of the week. All posts are due on September 6th at 11:59 PM EST. Please, do not post more than 250 words for the discussion. Please, don’t forget to create an in-text citation before referencing any article. You may visit the *Start Here” on Menu to learn about the APA and plagiarism policies. Primary post -250 two replies to other students each 150 words

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