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** PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ASSIGNMENT IS THE OUTLINE ONLY NOT THE FINAL PAPER ** DirectionsMake sure to read the entire assignment below before you begin the work necessary for Milestone 1.For Milestone 1, you will need to write one paragraph stating your topic for the project. Make sure to state the event you are writing about as well as the historical figure whose point of view you will be writing from. Include your preliminary thesis statement in this paragraph as well. Then, provide a preliminary outline for your project. The outline should be as detailed as possible so your instructor can see what you intend to do and offer suggestions.For the Course Project, you will write about a historical event between 1865 and the present day from the perspective of a historical figure who participated in the event. Here are some examples:The March on Washington from the perspective of Martin Luther King, Jr.September 11th 2001 from the perspective of George W. BushThe attack on Pearl Harbor from the perspective of Franklin D. RooseveltThe ratification of the 19th Amendment from the perspective of Alice PaulThe Cuban Missile Crisis from the perspective of John F. KennedyYou will need to research not only the event, but also the historical figure, and write the paper “in character.” Your final paper must be 5–7 pages of text, plus a title page and APA-formatted reference page. You must include properly cited graphics, such as pictures, maps, and graphs if you like. You must use and cite at least 5 scholarly sources; Wikipedia, encyclopedias, and websites that are intended for a general audience are not scholarly sources. You may supplement (not replace) the 5 scholarly sources with news articles. Be sure to check out the New York Times and other newspaper databases included in the FSCJ library catalog.

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