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Introduction to ArgumentationConsider each of the following cases, and answer the subsequent questions:1. You wish to have voters in your town support a tax-cap proposal that will limit to the rate of inflation the amount city officials may raise taxes in any given year.A.What is the status quo?B.Who has the burden of proof?C. What is the presumption? D.Who is in the negative?2.You are 19 years old, and arrested for illegal possession of alcoholic beverages.What is the presumption?Who has the burden of proof? What is the point of issue?3. You deliberately steal a car so that you can drive your gravely injured friend to a hospital for immediate care.You are charged with grand theft auto.What is the point of issue?Who has the burden of proof?What is the question for the jury?4.You oppose a recommendation made by the student senate to change credit allocations from 4 credits to 3 credits per academic course. A.Do you have the burden of proof? B.Who is in the affirmative? C.What is the proposition? D.What is the status quo?

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