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Task1:words:300o a bit of research on-line. Find a criminal case that involved Digital Forensics. Using WORD, write an ORIGINAL brief essay of 300 words or more describing the case and the how digital forensics were used in the investigation. Safe Assign is software that verifies the originality of your work against on-line sources and other students.Note your Safe Assign score. Continue submitting until your Safe Assign score is less than 25. For your first written assignment, you have unlimited times to retry your assignment.Task2:words:300A. What is the leadership paradox? Give some reasons why a leader can encounter difficulty in newly formed teams or groups using a participative management system. Support your discussion with material from our text book and from one external scholarly source. B. Present a discussion of three strategies for encouraging participative management in the workforce, and how to implement each of these strategies. Use our textbook for a reference. C. What serious biases or misassumptions do groups that are involved in inter-team conflict sometimes experience? How do these biases and prejudices affect the ability of teams to accomplish their goals? Use our textbook for your material.

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