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Here’s the link to the video… Here’s the directions: The discussion board is based solely upon the weekly lecture video posted at the beginning of the week on Sunday. Students are required to listen to the lecture content designed to provide you with key concepts and real-world information to relate to the course objective for the week. In the discussion board area students are to write a five (5) paragraph summary of the lecture. Each paragraph must contain at least five (5) sentences utilizing proper grammar and sentence structure. This summary will describe the information learned from the lecture. It is considered plagiarism to cut and paste guideline information from the text book or websites into the summary. 0 points will be earned for plagiarized information from google searches, Cengage reading material or copied from the video transcript. 0 points will also be earned for place holders (such as periods or blank spaces in the threads) to gain access to other discussion threads. 0 points will be earned for copying information from other student’s posts. Plagiarism of any form will be referred to academic integrity.

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