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For this assignment, you are to think about a brief period in the life particular type of cell, the white blood cell. White blood cells are a key part of our defense against bacteria infection in our bodies. You are to consider the following actions taken by a white blood cell:The detection of the unique chemical signal of the bacteria cell. (Refer to Panel 4-1)The changing of direction and protrusion (extension) of the plasma membrane in the direction of the bacteria to move toward the bacteria.The slug-like movement through the environment of the blood vessel to follow the movements of the bacteria, chasing it through the blood.The catching and engulfing of the bacteria and elimination of the bacteria by digestion.For reference, consider the gif below.Using information about parts of the cell, write a brief narrative (2 paragraphs maximum) about the actions of the white blood cell listed above, and include the specific action of as many cell components (specific organelles, molecules, etc) as you can come up with that would be involved in these processes. As part of your narrative of the digestion of the bacteria, describe the steps that are taken in the cell that lead to the digestive enzymes being produced from DNA instructions and being transported to the specific location where the digestion would occur. You should write your narrative as if you are explaining these cellular actions and cell components to one of your classmates who has been away from the class for a few days and is trying to get caught up with the course material.

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