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Assignment:Linguistics is field that attempts to provide a scientific understanding about human language. The first step towards understanding something scientifically is to be very clear about what it is you’re trying to understand. For that reason, the first reading is laying out a very specific definition for “language”, so that we can distinguish it from “communication”. Whereas other fields tend to use the words “language” and “communication” interchangeably, we must be very careful not to do this. Linguists define language as a system with special properties; communication is one of the activities that this system can be used for.Question 1: The following properties define “human language”: (a) Displacement, (b) Arbitrariness, (c) Productivity, (d) Cultural Transmission, and (e) Duality. Give examples of how human language exhibits each of these properties.Question 2: Come up with two pieces of evidence that show that language and communication are not the same. The evidence you think of could come in the form of either examples, logical implications, or facts about the world. The idea is to think about the issue and try to prove that language and communication are different concepts.Easy vocabulary. No plagiarism. No need for citing. I will be attaching reading.





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